Breast Augmentation Surgery Liverpool UK

My Dream Breast (MDB) is one of the leading affordable breast augmentation and implant companies with 10 locations in the UK. We offer breast augmentation surgery at a low cost without comprising on the quality of the implants and post surgery care. We have been delivering successful breast augmentation and implant solutions for the past 10 years and have more than 2000 satisfied customers.

Our expert group of doctors, surgeons and technicians are especially trained to guide you through this procedure, be it the initial counselling sessions, the actual procedure and after care. We always have an expert to think and take care of you.

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We aim to bring to you:

01.Experienced and skilled surgeons;
02.Friendly consultants;
03.Best breast augmentation solutions;
03.Best breast augmentation solutions;
04.Affordable packages;
05.Quality after care;
06.Impressive results.

Breast Augmentation

 In breast augmentation or enlargement processes, a silicone sheet or an implant is inserted under the breast to increase its size and make it appear full. In some case, an individual’s own fat is also used to enhance the size and shape of the breast. This is done in cases where a small enhancement is required.  We offer quality services and care across all our locations as our team of surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in the job. We also comply with the highest standards of medical safety and cleanliness and use advanced instruments to complete the procedure.

Women often feel that their bodies are out of proportion either due to the loss of breast tissue after weight loss or breastfeeding or as a result of underdeveloped breast tissue. This often leads to low self-esteem and limits their choices of dressing up.  In such cases, our consultant plastic surgeons can provide you with all the necessary information to help you take a decision. We strive towards providing you with the facts rather than trying to influence your decision. We will carry out the procedure only when you have made an informed decision.  In case of excessive sagging of the breasts, one may be advised to consider an uplift instead of a breast implant. You can discuss the size that you want with our experts, ask questions and then come to a decision.  We will try to give the desired results provided you are physically and mentally prepared for the job.

At MDB we also pay a lot of attention to the quality of implants.It is of utmost importance while considering a breast augmentation process. Though we offer cheapest  breast augmentation solutions, we ensure 100% quality. We know that not all implants are good as was evident some time ago when problems surfaced owing to the use of PIP implants.

So if you have been bothered by  the size of your breast all along and faced confidence issues, then contact MDB right away to transform the way you look and feel.

Our standard implants are some of the best in the business and we refrain from using the cheaper, low quality options available in the market at a discounted price. We have your best interests in mind while choosing each of the implants, technologies and equipment used to complete the process.